DN-type plug-in concrete vibrator use    

1. Before using the first measurement of the insulation resistance of the windings, the value of not less than 1MΩ, at the same time to check whether the engine slip ring surface clean, brush and slip ring contacts are good, the spring pressure is appropriate.    Power 2. Frequency unit must have a good High quality gasoline portable concrete vibrator grounding system meets the electrical safety, and is housed on a reliable three-phase leakage protection switch.    3. When first starting inverter unit-load operation, see its operation is uniform, listen inside without noise while measuring the output frequency and output voltage compliance, found the frequency and voltage is too low, should transform EXCITATION winding phase sequence, so that the output frequency and voltage is normal, only access vibrator.    4.ZDN plug-in concrete vibrator access to power after the first test run in the air, listen for the sound operation of the police properly, check for noise, after operating normally before it sunk in concrete along the force, do not force hard plug and prevent the vibrator is reinforced sandwich or even a hard object collision had been damaged, the vibrator in the air time should not try to run more than one minute, while not allowing the placement of their level of vibration and the concrete surface should be below minus Vibration location.

ZDN insert concrete vibrator maintenance

1. After the vibrator accumulated 100 hours of portable concrete vibrator bearings and seals must be replaced, replace the inner end plug 5 # lubricating oil height to ensure immersion suction nozzle 30mm prevail. 2. Replace the bearings and oil seals disassembly order: a) securing the cylinder off, unscrew the end plug. b) rubbed off tail cover joints, remove the cable jacket, wring out the tail cap. c) Remove the lead cables and terminal blocks. d) using a press to push the end plug direction of the rotor and the eccentric. e) Remove the suction nozzle and the rotor axial direction of the rotor pushed out, you can replace the relevant bearings and oil seals. f) the installation and removal direction opposite direction. 3. The frequency conversion unit for high frequency concrete vibrator six months to a year to replace the bearing grease once a new oil bearing cavity about 1 / 2-2 / 3 is appropriate. 4. Brush inverter unit, through long-term wear and tear due to the poor should be replaced with model T102, specifications for the new carbon brushes 8 × 12 × 20 in.

Structural features ZDN plug-in concrete vibrator

1. Practical applications, ZDN concrete vibrators and frequency power supply supporting the use of frequency conversion unit; inverter frequency power supply unit provides the ZDN concrete vibrator. 2. ZDN concrete vibrator built with an intermediate frequency phase asynchronous motor, which is coupled directly to the spindle and eccentric. 3. Motor spindle nose suction nozzle fitted, during operation, the bearing can be obtained mist lubrication cycle. 4. ZDN concrete vibrators equipped with shock absorbers manage the site nearby, to mitigate vibration handle.