Fixed requirements for concrete delivery pipe Concrete delivery fixed pipe may not be directly supported on steel, templates and embedded parts, and shall meet the following requirements: 1. The horizontal pipe should be concrete truck mixers china manufacturers at a distance with stand, table mats, spreader fixed so as to rule out blocked tubes, remove and clean the pipe every; 2. The vertical pipe embedded parts suitably secured to walls and columns or floor top left hole. In each section of the tube wall and the column is not less than a fixed point; set aside hole at each floor should be fixed; 3. The lower end of the vertical pipe elbows, the upper part of the pipe should not be used as support points. Steel support should be provided to withstand the weight of a vertical tube. 4. When the vertical pipe fixed to the scaffolding, scaffolding may be needed to be reinforced; 5. The pipe joint clamps at not leak slurry. Concrete pump piping design requirements 1 1. concrete pipes, pipes should be based on engineering and construction site characteristics, concrete pouring plan. Should shorten the length of the pipeline, less elbow and hose. Delivery pipe laying should ensure the safety of construction, ease of cleaning pipes, troubleshooting and disassembly repair. 2. In the same line, it should be the same diameter concrete duct; together with the new, when an old pipe, a new pipe should be arranged at the pumping pressure greater; pipeline should be arranged to smooth vertical and horizontal. automatic brick machine for sale Should draw piping diagrams, lists a variety of pipe fittings, pipe connecting ring, pipe and other specifications and quantity, make a list of spare parts. 3. concrete duct should be selected according to the maximum grain size of coarse aggregate, concrete pump model, concrete output and transmission distance, as well as ease of transportation and the like. Delivery tube should have adapted to the conditions of the pumping intensity. Use no cracks, no bump injury and non-bent pipe section. Delivery pipe joints should be tight, there is enough strength, and can quick-release. Fixed concrete duct requirements 2 1. Vertical upward piping, ground horizontal tube length less than one-quarter the length of the vertical pipe, and not less than 15M; or to comply with the provisions of the product specification. In concrete pump V-shaped tube spout duct 3 ~ 6M roots should be set at the shut-off valve to prevent the concrete mixture reflux. 2. Pumping underground structures, on the ground level of the tube axis with the V-shaped tube should discharge opening perpendicular to the axis. 3. tilt downward piping exhaust valve should be located in the upper end of the inclined tube; when the height is greater than 20M, should be set horizontal tube five times the height length of the lower end of the chute; such conditions, increase the elbow or ring pipe, meet the requirements of five times the height length.

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